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Way beyond payment processing

Reach is a global payment platform complete with a robust network of legal, financial and IT experts in every country we service. We equip you with everything you need to handle local payments freely, everywhere in the world.

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Go global by acting local

Industry giants like Amazon offer competitive prices and a superior shopping experience for their customers worldwide because they facilitate transactions locally.

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Localizing is no easy feat

Accepting local payments takes ample time and resources which is not feasible for most companies. Reach gives you everything you need to reach into new markets quickly and freely with ease.

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Behind our platform

We’ve developed a vast network of specialists so you don’t have to

We partner with you so you can leverage our experience, knowledge and technical resources to quickly and securely expand into new markets and compete with industry behemoths like Amazon.

  • Access to over 30 years experience in global finance
  • Best-in-class global fraud services
  • High touch service to support your growing business
  • Locked in FX fees with no hidden costs

Reach Dashboard

Expanding into new markets with our platform couldn't be easier

Our payment platform provides you with the visibility you need to track and manage the flow of funds completely from end-to-end. Our dashboard allows you to view and support every stage of the consumer's lifecycle from account history, verification, transfers and more.

Reach offers a full ledger of all transactions and equips you with powerful predictive analytics to help you make the best, most informed decisions for your business.

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Seamless integration

Our API driven integration lets you implement Reach to provide the best customer experience

We make it look simple, but going global isn’t easy. It demands complete legal, financial, development and market expertise for every region you want to access. We do the heavy lifting to offer you seamless integration into any platform - from Shopify, to Magento, to any custom solution that fits your business - so you can can skip the complications and get back to what matters.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Reach is the preferred payment platform for some of the most prestigious brands in the world. Our platform facilitates billions of dollars in transactions worldwide.

Effortless Integration

We developed Reach so you can quickly and easily integrate into your current ecommerce solution, with the least amount of development effort. It’s almost as simple as connecting Google Analytics to your site and gaining instant, optimized access to world markets.

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Developer Documentation

We believe the lifeblood of this digital age is developers. We have developed a comprehensive documentation centre to fully support our customers and help them get up in running in no time.

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Best-in-class global fraud prevention and over thirty years in global finance to serve you better

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We are PCI compliant

At Reach, data security is of paramount importance. We are PCI Data Security Standard 3.2 compliant as a Level 1 Service Provider which is the most up-to-date, key security standard within the payments industry.

We are fully licensed

Reach is the ecommerce-focused subsidiary of Calforex, a Licensed Money Service Business in Canada and the United States, and a Licensed Payment Institution in the United Kingdom. We meet every obligation to handle transactions safely and securely worldwide.

Feel secure in our experience

We partner with over twenty tier one banks across the globe to ensure each transaction is intelligently routed. This results in maximum success rates for you and your customers, every time.

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