Merchant Acceptance Guidelines

Reach Compliance provides the following guidance regarding submission of merchants for localization services under the Merchant of Record model.

Merchant websites should display the following per the Visa rules:

  • Customer service information including email or telephone number
  • The full name and address, including the country, of the merchant’s primary entity
    (This must be displayed on the final checkout page OR within the checkout process)
  • Policy for delivery of multiple shipments (where applicable)
  • Security capabilities and a policy for transmission of payment card details
  • Statement regarding cardholder responsibilities in their jurisdiction
  • Visa/MasterCard logo present
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy policy
  • Complete description of the products/services sold
  • Full refund/return policy

In addition to these requirements, Reach Compliance advises the following should be present on all merchant websites:

  • All checkout/signup/login pages secured using SSL/https://
  • Full disclosure of all fees, duties, taxes included in the purchase amount
  • Any boxes/radio buttons that require customer to agree to terms of use/privacy policy etc may not be pre-checked
  • Cross sales and other promotions involving sharing of the customer’s information with another merchant are subject to approval

In its capacity as Merchant of Record, Reach is subject to ongoing review by our payment processing and acquiring partners to ensure proper site disclosure and compliance. As such, merchants that do not meet the basic site disclosure and compliance requirements outlined in this memo will not be considered for approval or go live until such time as all site requirements are present. Further, merchants that change their website to remove/modify one or more of the required items may be subject to suspension of their account.


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