The Reach Fraud Solution

Reach’s approach to fraud is robust yet flexible, and is designed to react to emergent and ongoing fraud patterns around the world. Our expertise in local consumer behavior is unmatched.


Industry-leading data sets

Reach keeps an up-to-date set of controls to mitigate fraud before it happens, and also takes advantage of relationships with multiple established fraud information providers to ensure that data sets are not only current, but industry-leading.


Two-system fraud solution

The Reach fraud solution is both score-based (with each “flag” contributing to the total fraud score that must stay below a determined threshold) and algorithm-based (with the algorithm informed by historical fraud and chargeback data).


Maximize positive impact

The Reach fraud solution allows merchants to decide how to best ‘plug in’ to our system to maximize positive impact on their fraud strategy.


Our Fraud Service Options

The Reach fraud solution allows you as a merchant to find a solution that works best for your company. From full outsourcing of fraud controls to getting a "stop sign only" recommendation, we can give you the tools you need to succeed in new markets.

Self-Directed Fraud Services

Reach provides only minimal fraud services, and merchant is responsible for all chargebacks and alerts.

Guided Services

Reach-Guided Fraud Review: Reach manages fraud process, but merchant is responsible for chargebacks


Advisory Fraud Review: Reach advises merchant of fraud recommendations, but merchant is responsible for chargebacks

Fully-Managed Services

Reach manages fraud process and is responsible for all fraud-related chargeback liability

Fraud Liability Merchant takes full fraud liability Merchant takes full fraud liability Reach takes full fraud liability
Daily monitoring Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Ethoca alerts Per-alert charge Per-alert charge Checkmark
Rule Management Checkmark
MID protection Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Authorization management Checkmark Checkmark
Manual reviews Checkmark Checkmark
Ticket management Checkmark Checkmark
Fraud strategy Checkmark Checkmark
Chargeback & dispute management Checkmark Checkmark
Chargeback recommendations & Analytics Checkmark
Fraud analytics Checkmark Checkmark
Dedicated fraud team Checkmark Checkmark

Liability is the simple answer to the question “who is liable for a fraudulent transaction that gets through?” Depending on the merchant’s comfort with handling fraud processes, liability can be on Reach or on the merchant. The liable party will cover the cost of any dispute process and the value of the fraudulent transaction, as well of any payment that had to be refunded due to fraudulent activity.

We perform Daily Monitoring of all volume looking for activity that may have passed our controls and patterns that may have migrated or had gone undetected. During this monitoring, we will further review any transaction highlighted as a result of such report. Communication with the merchant will be initiated to verify the status of any of these orders and further action may or may not be required.

Reach creates a robust set of rules for each individual merchant, written specifically for the merchant’s risk profile. Reach completes an analysis of historical data and current fraud patterns, then sets up the most effective control set possible. Using information like the merchant’s risk profile, market, products and services, payment options, previous fraud history, chargeback history, among other data points, our team creates rules that stop the fraudsters and allow legitimate transactions to come through.

When an issuing bank is notified of fraud on a consumer’s card, they use an alert system that specifically communicates this information with Reach. The Reach fraud team shares timely information with merchants to prevent chargebacks and allow pre-emptive refunds for consumers affected by fraud.

For most payment companies, it’s assumed that certain markets “just have poor authorization rates.” At Reach, we don’t accept that. Our teams analyze the granular, local data available to us to ensure that we can understand and reverse any negative trends in failed authorization rates. With our detailed analytics, ongoing reviews, and continuous monitoring, we work with merchants to help turn negative numbers into successful checkouts.

When a member of a merchant’s team reaches out to us with a question, we ensure that each question is fully answered. We escalate to processing, acquiring, or issuing channels as necessary, and allow our merchants to work on what they do best - helping their consumers. If an end consumer reaches out to us, we work with our merchants to ensure their questions are answered fully and they have a positive, merchant-branded experience.

Reach develops a fraud strategy for each unique merchant. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to international ecommerce fraud, and our team of experts knows this well. That’s why Reach looks at the experience of the merchant’s fraud team, fraud rings that have historically targeted a merchant, which markets are of interest to the merchant, vulnerabilities in the merchant’s fraud review process, and many other data points to reach a clear strategy on how to work together to maximize legitimate transactions and minimize fraudulent ones.

As the merchant of record, Reach always disputes fraud-related chargebacks on our merchant’s behalf. From full-service management with recommendations, branding, non-fraud-related chargeback dispute, and even analytics, to “notification only” services, our team is able to provide yours with the level of chargeback support that works best for your fraud strategy.

A merchant’s MID is the lifeline to revenue and reputation. Merchants who experience breaches or are targeted by fraud rings can be put into monitoring programs by the card schemes, can find entering new markets to be impossible, and can be shut down entirely. The Reach fraud team ensures that each of our merchant’s MIDs are not only functioning, but are protected throughout their entire lifespan. We monitor for breaches, proactively ensure merchants stay off of the card scheme’s fraud radar, and create and maintain strategies that deal with any fraud issues a merchant may experience.

Even with industry-leading rule sets, there are certain cases where experts should take a look at a transaction. Reach’s fraud experts complete manual reviews on select flagged transactions to detect possible patterns and other suspicious activity, and have the final say on letting a transaction through.

Data is key to understanding how successful a strategy has been, and how best to position strategically for the future. Our team uses data-driven insights to ensure our merchants are well-positioned for the future.

From daily monitoring to regular business reviews, our team is plugged in to the patterns and numbers that mean merchant success. We provide this information on demand to our merchants to ensure transparency and accountability.

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