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Today's New Normal: Mastering Multi-Currency *and* Local Processing

Processing transactions locally is the only way to avoid international fees levied toward merchants and their consumers. And most merchants not only stumble when they reach this hurdle - they fall flat.

Case Study - Revolve

Revolve chose the Reach Global Payments Platform to easily present and process in their global shopper’s preferred payment method and local currency. Doing so increased consumer confidence and eliminated currency conversion fees and foreign transaction fees that customers had previously incurred. When processing local to the consumer, approval rates significantly increased and the cost of processing was lowered.

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Why Brands Must Pay Closer Attention to Risk

Brands with their own ecommerce store are attuned to some level of risk and potential fraud around online transactions. But for the most part, merchants are woefully undervaluing the financial, reputational and functional dangers involved until it’s too late. Before they know it, they’re facing unexpected and entirely avoidable payment processing barriers. Reach can help.

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Global Processing By the Numbers 

The interchange and assessments charged by Visa & Mastercard are highly complex and can differ drastically from one transaction to the next. The result is that retailers drastically overpay on cross-border transactions. A merchant of record like Reach simplifies and makes going global easy.

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Merchant of Record Changes the Global Game for Retailers

The Merchant of Record model opens the world to merchants by taking care of payment options, currency types, local regulations, helping to detect fraud, and costing less overall.

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