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Levelling Up: Why BIN Mismatch Data Shouldn't Be Your Only Fraud-Fighting Tool

Levelling Up: Why BIN Mismatch Data Shouldn't Be Your Only Fraud-Fighting Tool

This year’s tidal wave of new online shoppers not only accelerated ecommerce growth by 5+ years, but also created more opportunities for fraudulent activity. Brands do everything they can to mitigate fraudulent transactions, but often miss the mark. What we’ve noticed here at Reach is that many merchants think they’re doing a great job fighting fraud with a tried and true tool - BIN mismatch.

Case Study - CurrentBody

CurrentBody's ongoing mission is to offer the largest selection of safe, clinically proven electrical health and beauty products in the world. So how could they globalize their website, without having to take on the grueling task of setting up dozens upon dozens of Shopify Plus stores, each tailored to a specific locale? They were able to that and more, with Reach.

Consumers in search of new brands and businesses

A "Brand" New Discovery: How Covid’s Quarantine Sent Shoppers In Search Of The Unknown

Consumer behaviour started shifting during the global quarantine brought on by COVID-19 earlier this year. Forced to adapt to this new reality, and with necessities in short supply, people were forced to change their shopping habits in unexpected ways. This led to the beginning of fundamental changes to shopper behaviour as we know it, and the desire to do things differently and broaden shopping horizons took hold.

Fraud Patterns and Payment Processing Pitfalls in Latin America

Fraud Patterns and Payment Processing Pitfalls in Latin America

When a retailer is considering entering a new market, we always recommend a robust discovery process, in an effort to understand the country as a whole and provide perspective on the local customer. By truly knowing the local customer, you can understand more about their appetite for cross-border offerings, how to price, and how to best present your brand to a new market and a new cohort of consumers.

Designing Products for Real-world Payment Processing Problems, with Reach

Designing Products for Real-world Payment Processing Problems

Merchants have a lot on their plate, and payment processing often isn’t top of mind - until there’s a problem; then it’s all hands on deck to find solutions while lost revenue increases. In this article, we’ll explore why this seemingly straightforward process can be so complicated, the associated risks, and the real-world products available for proactive merchants to get ahead of these payment processing challenges now!

Global business expansion ideas for retail ecommerce merchants, with Reach

Where to Start Your Global Expansion & Why

Going global with your business is a magnificent idea for any merchant – but the trick is sorting out where to begin. In this article, we’ll explore how to find that starting point, as well as a few other related payment processing considerations that merchants must have top-of-mind as they start out (assuming they want to beat the odds, that is)!

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