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A toy globe is modeled to look like a virus cell under the microscope. It is shot on a green background and shows North America. It illustrates the concept of the pandemic affecting all areas of the globe.

FX and The Unknown

Merchants are aware that something about their FX practices isn’t adding up as it should in their balance sheet and they need to make a change. But, it’s been in their pile of “things I don’t have time to do” for a long time, and finding time right now is harder than ever. Current events likely have them rethinking cost saving options – and this one is huge. 

Case Study - Native Union

Creating products with enhanced functionality and refined style is core to the mission of Native Union. With Reach, this mission is extended through their customer’s online experience, no matter where that customer lives.

Pattern from flying rolls of golden painted toilet paper on a gold background with soft shadow.

The Pandemic Effect on Purchase Patterns

Purchases outside of the “norm” are typically flagged as fraud, of course. And merchants know, expect and, under regular circumstances, appreciate this safety measure. But as society faces this “new normal” in response to COVID-19, purchase patterns are anything but typical. And for merchants who are now relying on these “new normal” purchases to survive, having them rejected as fraudulent transactions is troublesome, at the least. And inevitably spelling doom for a good number of them, as the worse.

"Think local!" written on a whiteboard in dark ink.

Today's New Normal: Mastering Multi-Currency *and* Local Processing

Processing transactions locally is the only way to avoid international fees levied toward merchants and their consumers. And most merchants not only stumble when they reach this hurdle - they fall flat.

White baseball flying directly toward camera after powerful throw from blurred pitcher during baseball match on field

How to Reduce Purchase Friction and Increase Sales

Losing customers as they’re making a purchase is tragic – and easily avoided. Learning how to reduce purchase friction will not only increase sales, it will create customer loyalty. After all, a friction-free experience is something consumers hold dear. At Reach, we have an amazing way to do exactly that while giving you an edge over competitors in global markets!

Sharks swim in dark water while the sky above is blue and filled with clouds.

Why Brands Must Pay Closer Attention to Risk

Brands with their own ecommerce store are attuned to some level of risk and potential fraud around online transactions. But for the most part, merchants are woefully undervaluing the financial, reputational and functional dangers involved until it’s too late. Before they know it, they’re facing unexpected and entirely avoidable payment processing barriers. Reach can help.

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